somewhat simple // fruity friendship gift tags

I love a good generic tag. Check out my post at Somewhat Simple to download these puppies for free!



somewhat simple // father's day mason jar tags

Real quick. Did you see my latest post for Somewhat Simple? Father's Day tags. Fill a jar, print off a tag and voila! Easiest gift ever.

Hop on over to read some ideas for what to put in your jar! --xoxo


salted caramel + toffee brownies recipe

I won't even bother taking up this space to tell you how insanely yummy this is. I feel that any extra words, other than the recipe itself, would just be unnecessary fluff.  So without further ado, I give you:

Salted caramel + toffee brownies:

And can someone explain to my why everything tastes better in a mason jar??? ;)

This recipe is so easy:

Salted Caramel + Toffee Brownies 
1 box of brownie mix
1 lg box of instant chocolate pudding
1 container of Cool Whip
caramel ice-cream topping
Heath toffee bits (found in the baking isle, or you could crush the candy bar)
coarse sea salt 
Make your brownies according to package directions.  Make up your pudding according to package directions.  When brownies have cooled and pudding is set, layer like so in your mason jars: 
chunks of brownie
caramel topping
pinch of salt
Cool Whip
Heath toffee bits 
Repeat if using a large mason jar (like seen here).

It's what Heaven in a Jar tastes like. Pinky promise. --xoxo


somewhat simple // mason jar teacher gift tags

Who doesn't love mason jars + teachers?? Grab these teacher appreciation tags over at Somewhat Simple!

What would you put in your mason jars? --xoxo


somewhat simple // easter milk carton boxes

Remember my Easter placemats I designed a little while back? Well I decided to make some treat boxes to match! 

Download yours for free by clicking here! --xoxo


insanely easy fish stick burritos.

I was craving fish tacos last night. I googled recipes read reviews, but in the end, just wanted something crazily easy (read: I was feeling lazy).  So I asked the Mr. to run to the store on his way home to grab just a few more items I'd need.  It was an experiment.  An experiment that actually resulted in success.  Boo-yah.

The didn't end up being tacos.  More like burritos. Angelic, heaven-in-your-mouth burritos.  Here's the run-down:

Everything was from Walmart (no, not a plug, just the facts).
It only took as long as it takes to cook fish sticks.
My kids didn't appreciate the cole slaw, but they loved it without.

Ready for the, um, recipe? (It's more like a building tutorial)

1/2 package of Van De Kamps fish sticks
1/2 carton of Walmart deli cole slaw
Heinz tarter sauce
tortillas (I use Tortilla Land uncooked tortillas)
While fish sticks are cooking, cook your tortillas (if you're using uncorked tortillas).
When they're done, assemble: tarter sauce down the middle, row of fish sticks, cole slaw, cheese on top.  Roll up and ENJOY!!

See? SO. Stinkin'. Easy. And I love that you can alter and cater it to your family's size + likes!  #winning

Have a great week! --xoxo


somewhat simple // easter placemats

Love me a good blog hop. Especially one where you can grab a bunch of cute free printables! I created these Easter placemats for the kids because I wanted something that would keep them occupied, and I wanted something cute (read: not something that looked like it came from Ihop).  I LOVE how these turned out! Even the Mr. said he wanted one. ;)

Head on over to Somewhat Simple to download yours for free, and check out the other cute free printables while your there! --xoxo